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Perfume River – The long-lasting beauty in Hue city Perfume River – The long-lasting beauty in Hue city


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 Nội dung

Each time coming to Hue, it is unknown how many people are sobbing before the poetic and lyrical beauty of the Perfume River. This river has consumed the poet’s paper with those who carry heavy nostalgia for Hue. Perfume River in Hue is like a gentle silk ribbon surrounding Hue. Coming to the ancient capital without enjoying the beauty of the river is considered as yet to set foot in Hue.

About the Perfume River

Since ancient times, the Perfume River flows through the forests bearing the fragrance of herbs. When coming to Hue, the Perfume River is beautiful from the source, winding with the scent of natural plants as an arrangement that nature bestowed on this land.

Perfume River

The Perfume River flows through the Imperial City, Imperial Citadel, Forbidden City and the Inner City, further embellishing the natural beauty of this unique feudal capital. Huong River has a length of up to 80km, particularly the section from Bang Lang to Thuan An estuary is 30km long.
The slope of the water flow from the sea surface is not much different, so the river water flows slowly. The part of the river running through Hue meanders like a natural arrangement in order to embellish the beauty of Hue city. Perfume River is an invaluable gift that nature has dedicated to this land. This river is a decisive factor for the ancient people to choose Hue as the capital, a convergence of Hue landscape and cultural heritage.

Perfume River

The Perfume River in Hue has two large tributaries, both of which originate from the Truong Son mountain range. Ta Trach branch comes from Long cave, flows through 55 large and small waterfalls to Bang Lang junction. The Huu Trach branch starts from the east of Chan Son mountain, flows through 14 falls and joins the Ta Trach stream at the upper junction. From Bang Lang T-junction to the sea the river becomes spacious, the water flows smoothly.

The Perfume River’s water is green all year round except during floods. From Bang Lang T-junction, the Perfume River flows gently and slowly through the rich villages of the outskirts of Hue, deep into the heart of the city, and then continues to meander through the countryside downstream before reaching the sea. .

The beauty of the Perfume River

Citadel, citadel, architectural works on both sides of the river reflect the silhouette into the river like a picturesque feng shui picture. The Perfume River is as charming as a Hue girl, smiling shyly under a conical hat. The silvery white color of the river is further embellished when the Trang Tien Bridge crosses the Perfume River.

beauty of the Perfume River

Huong River leads the way down the water to take visitors to visit Vy Da beauty garden with lush green grass garden. There is nothing more wonderful than being upstream to Thien Mu to drop your soul in the temple bell. From the pagoda, you can watch the whole beauty of Huong Giang like a maiden’s shirt changing colors several times a day.
Goodbye sacred temple in Hue, you suddenly turn into the Bach Yen River to Huyen Khong. The ancient space here along with cloudy wind, with the world of sweet and fragrant flowers makes your soul so gentle and pleasant.

beauty of the Perfume River

Following the curves of the Nguyet Bieu village, the green of the Huong River with the mudflats and the green of trees and hills create a poetic landscape. Stop at Tu Duc mausoleum, you will admire the wonderful beauty of the Perfume River. This is an unprecedented place on any tourist map, but do not miss it. To this day, it is still an interesting point of observation of Hue city.

Upstream to the upstream, for boats to Hon Chen power station. Huong River embellishes the peaceful beauty here. Your soul is freed along with the mountains, temporarily putting aside all troubles of life.

Under daylight, the emerald green shimmering of the river, the boats floating on the water make visitors unforgettable. Going on a boat to admire the beauty of Huong Giang, dropping flower lanterns or listening to Ca trù, Hue folk songs in the middle of the night at a lonely night is an elegant pleasure hard to compare.

beauty of the Perfume River Hue

Huong river and Ngu mountain become permanent symbols of Hue ancient capital. Referring to Hue, visitors immediately remember the poetic Huong River downstream. Throughout the year, that peaceful river flows around the city, highlighting the beauty of this land. The inherent beauty of the green river has brought to the city the quiet poeticness emanating from the land of deep culture.

Hue is not only a political, cultural and religious center of the Nguyen Dynasty until 1945, but it is also more beautiful when the Perfume River flows through it to embellish the natural beauty of a feudal capital. this nicely. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hue, please do not forget the dragon boat watching the Perfume River in Hue through every moment, surely you will be unforgettable in the journey to the ancient Kinh land.

So what do you expect more for a great trip? Please contact us – Asia Master Tours for guidance, advice and get the most preferential price when you, your family and friends are going to enjoy Hue city.

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